The Challenges of Brazil’s Electoral System with Justices Gilmar Mendes and Teori Zavascki | Wilson Center
6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

The Challenges of Brazil’s Electoral System with Justices Gilmar Mendes and Teori Zavascki

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Brazil has developed in three decades of democratic rule one of the world’s most transparent and efficient voting systems, notably including the development of an electronic voting device able to reach every corner of its territory and to address its cultural features.

In order to strengthen democracy, Brazil has constantly worked to improve its voting system through the deployment of a series of new technologies and procedures, such as biometric registration and signing of agreements with Brazilian supervisory bodies to optimize the analysis of the accountability of political candidates’ campaigns. Outcomes produced by campaigns are, however, a topic of intense debate, as underlined by the ongoing national crisis and the low popular approval of elected office holders.

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE), a specialized branch of the Judiciary that organizes and supervises elections at all level, is central to the debate on electoral reform and the political system. 

On Monday November 7th, President of the TSE Gilmar Mendes and Deputy Minister Teori Zavascki will address this issue in the third session of the Brazil Institute lectures series on the Rule of Law in Brazil, launched earlier this year. Justices Mendes and Zavascki, both influential members of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, will be in Washington at the invitation of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems as observers of the U.S. elections. The Brazil-U.S. Legal and Judicial Studies Program at the American University Washington College of Law is a co-sponsor of their presentations at the Wilson Center.


Welcome Remarks:
Ambassador Anthony S. Harrington
Chairman, Brazil Institute Advisory Council
The Honorable Gilmar Mendes
Justice, Brazil's Supreme Federal Tribunal
The Honorable Teori Zavascki
Justice, Brazil's Supreme Federal Tribunal
The Honorable Peter J. Messitte
Senior U.S. District Judge for the District of Maryland
Paulo Sotero
Director, Brazil Institute, Wilson Center



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