NKIDP is proud to join the Institute for Far Eastern Studies and the University of North Korean studies in co-sponsoring their 5th semi-annual workshop The Cold War and the Two Koreas: Research on ROK & DPRK Cold War Era Foreign Relations and Its Significance to International Cold War History on May 2, 2008 in Seoul South Korea.

The workshop will feature American, Korean, and Russian historians who will share their fresh historical perspectives on the issues of state formation, and the role that the two Koreas play in Cold War historiography. One of the three panels will feature papers based on in-depth interviews with veteran Korean policymakers.

Presenters will include Gregg Brazinsky, Hong Seuk-Ryule, Andrei Lankov, Lee Wan-Bom, Park Myung-Lim, James Person, Bernd Schaefer, and Woo Seongji.

Click here to view the conference program.