The financial, monetary and economic crisis in Europe has now morphed into a political one, argues Anne-Marie Le Gloannec, former Wilson Center public policy scholar and director of research at Sciences-Po. Decisions taken in the past two decades have led to the construction of a dysfunctional decision-making system which lies at the - shaky - foundation of the current situation. Le Gloannec’s analysis focuses on the structural causes for the decay of the Euro, as well as the political implications of the financial and economic crisis that envelops Europe.

Anne-Marie Le Gloannec is a director of research at Sciences-Po in Paris, France and a former Wilson Center public policy scholar. She has been a visiting professor at the University of Stuttgart and at the University of Cologne and has held teaching positions at renowned U.S. and European institutions including the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Center, the University of Paris I, Sciences-Po, the IEP of Lille, the Free University of Berlin, and the Viadrina University in Frankfurt-an-der-Oder, Germany. In addition, Le Gloannec served as the deputy director of the Marc Bloch Center in Berlin. She has written several books on Germany and the European Union and German-French relations and has edited a number of publications and special issues. Le Gloannec contributes regularly to the newspapers L’Express and Le Figaro. She holds a Ph.D. from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (IEP).