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The Future of Argentina: A Conversation with Sergio Uñac

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4.9  The Future of Argentina: A Conversation with Sergio Uñac


The seminar will be in Spanish*

As Argentina recovers from a currency crisis and recession, investors are uncertain about its path to sustainable growth. The wide-open October election has added to the unease, as a large group of candidates is prepared to challenge President Mauricio Macri.

One of these potential contenders is the highly regarded governor of San Juan Province, Sergio Uñac. Elected in 2015, Governor Uñac faces reelection on March 31. However, what is drawing interest inside and outside of Argentina is the possibility that the governor will compete in the presidential elections.

Please join us on Monday, April 8, 2019 to discuss Argentina’s economic challenges and its changing political landscape in advance of this year’s elections.

Opening Remarks

Benjamin N. Gedan, PhD
Director, Argentina Project
Senior Advisor, Latin American Program
Woodrow Wilson Center


Sergio Uñac
Governor of San Juan Province


Rafael Mathus Ruiz
U.S. Correspondent 
La Nación