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The GEF at 20

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On April 11th, Monique Barbut of the Global Environment Facility discussed the role the Global Environment Facility would have in the upcoming Rio+20 conference in June. Created at the Earth Summit and established to provide grants to developing countries in transition for projects related to biodiversity and climate change, the GEF is the largest funder of projects, with over $60 billion with co-funding allocated to over 2,800 projects to improve the global environment.

The “Managing the Planet” seminar series – developed jointly by George Mason University and the Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program and Brazil Institute – addresses planetary scale problems and solutions. 


  • Monique Barbut

    CEO and Chairperson, Global Environment Facility
  • Melinda Kimble

    Senior Fellow, United Nations Foundation; Civil Society Member, GEO-6 High Level Group
  • Paul Schopf

    Professor of Oceanography, Associate Dean for Research and Computing, George Mason University