The National Idea in Russia and China: Русский Мир? 中国特色? | Wilson Center
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The National Idea in Russia and China: Русский Мир? 中国特色?

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Challenges in U.S. relations with great powers such as China and Russia derive not only from divergent national interests, but from distinct conceptions of nationhood, sovereignty, and modernity. Americans must therefore consider not only what the United States would like Russia and China to do, but how Chinese and Russians see themselves, one another, and the wider world, including the United States. 

China and Russia: On Their Own Terms is a joint project of the Wilson Center’s Kennan and Kissinger Institutes. The goal of the series is to offer U.S. policymakers, analysts, and the broader public a primary source perspective on how China and Russia see their evolving international roles in light of their histories, cultural narratives, and national myths.


  • Ho-fung Hung

    Henry M. and Elizabeth P. Wiesenfeld Professor in Political Economy , Johns Hopkins University
  • Nikolai Zlobin

    Former Short-Term Scholar
    Founder and President, Center on Global Interests