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The Politics and Process of Keystone XL

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As the mid-term elections approach, one of the biggest questions this November will be about the future of the Keystone XL pipeline. On October 7, the Canada Institute convened a panel of experts to discuss the reasons for the KXL pipeline becoming the political football it is today, as well as what the proposed project means for the upcoming elections, the legal underpinnings of the approval process, and where the pipeline will go from here, both in Nebraska and in Washington, D.C.


Paul Koring
International Affairs and Security Correspondent, The Globe and Mail

Ben Lieberman
Counsel, Committee on Energy and Commerce

Joseph Morton
Washington Correspondent, Omaha World-Herald

Steven Reed
Partner, Steptoe & Johnson

Elana Schor
Oil and Gas Reporter, Politico

Adam Vann
Legislative Attorney, Congressional Research Service