Join the Americas Society and the Council of the Americas, and the Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute for a roundtable discussion that will address the role of the media in the upcoming Mexican elections. Among other issues, our speakers will analyze how the media will influence U.S.-Mexico relations beyond the July 2 elections, specifically with respect to immigration, trade, and security as well as what impact the congressional, local and Mexico City races will have on the presidential race.

Featured Speakers:

John Authers, U.S. Markets Editor, Financial Times, New York
Dolia Estévez, Washington Correspondent, Radio Monitor; Contributer, Poder and El Semanario, Mexico City
Rossana Fuentes-Berain, Managing Editor of Foreign Affairs en Español, Mexico City

Andrew Selee, Director, Mexico Institute
Christopher Sabatini, Senior Director of Policy, Council of the Americas

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New York, NY 10021