The Middle East is experiencing a renewed wave of unrest, but what are the fundamental economic and social undercurrents driving people into the streets? Join us and our expert panel to discuss the intersecting challenges facing Middle Eastern youth: a growing youth bulge, chronic unemployment, outdated education models, impeded business growth, and the impacts of regional conflict. Furthermore, what are the solutions that policymakers are exploring? Our panel convenes experts and practitioners that work in education, entrepreneurship, and business development to explore the potential for more robust worker preparation and job exploration in the region.

This event is part of a discussion series led by the Middle East and North Africa Workforce Development Initiative, a new research initiative at the Wilson Center that explores the current and projected challenges facing the region in developing the workforce and implications for peace and stability.

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  • Andrew Baird

    Andrew Baird

    President and CEO, Education for Employment-Global
  • Gregory J. Simpson

    Gregory J. Simpson

    Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa, Center for International Private Enterprise
  • Denise Lamaute

    Economic Officer, Middle East Bureau, USAID
  • Mara Kronfeld

    Mara Kronenfeld

    Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa, International Youth Foundation