Is There Any Hope for Peace Talks in Afghanistan? If Not, Then What? | Wilson Center
5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Is There Any Hope for Peace Talks in Afghanistan? If Not, Then What?

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In recent months, the Taliban has intensified its insurgency in Afghanistan. It now holds more territory than at any time since 2001. Civilian casualties reached record levels in 2015, and scores of Afghans are fleeing the country. In an effort to finally bring an end to Afghanistan’s 14-year war, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and the United States have formed a Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QDC) to prepare the ground for peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Despite periods of progress, this effort has so far fallen short. What will it take to launch and conclude a successful peace process? And if it fails, what’s next for Afghanistan? This event will consider these questions and others, with particular focus on the thinking of the four QDC countries.

Image: ISAFMedia (CC 2.0)


  • Vanda Felbab-Brown

    Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution
  • Raoof Hasan

    executive director, Regional Peace Institute, Pakistan
  • Barnett Rubin

    senior fellow and associate director, Center on International Cooperation, New York University
  • Andrew Small

    Senior Trans-Atlantic Fellow, Asia Program, The German Marshall Fund