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Tribute to Judge A. A. Cançado Trindade: A Legacy to International Law and the Inter-American Human Rights System (1947-2022)

Date & Time

Sep. 20, 2022
4:30pm – 6:30pm ET


Ceremonial Courtroom at American University Washington College of Law


Judge Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade (1947-2022), a former judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the International Court of Justice, contributed to the development and consolidation of international law and the Inter-American system, a milestone for the protection and promotion of human rights around the world. Through his distinguished career and many roles, as a jurist, legal adviser, professor, author, and prolific lecturer, Judge Cançado Trindade kept a steadfast commitment to the humanization of international law.

Please join the Brazil Institute, the Mission of Brazil to the Organization of American States, and the American University’s Washington College of Law on Tuesday, September 20 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm ET to honor Judge Cançado Trindade’s life and legacy.

Opening Remarks

Padideh Ala’i, Director and professor, International Comparative and Legal Studies, American University’s Washington College of Law

Introductory Remarks

Ambassador Otávio Brandelli, Permanent Representative of Brazil, Organization of American States


Jean Michel Arrighi, Secretary of Legal Affairs, Organization of American States

George Galindo, Member, Inter-American Law Commission

Paula Tavares, Global Fellow, Brazil Institute, Wilson Center

Claudia Martin, Co-Director, Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University’s Washington College of Law


Vinicius Cançado Trindade, Second Secretary, permanent mission of Brazil to the United Nations, New York City

Hosted By

Brazil Institute

The Brazil Institute—the only country-specific policy institution focused on Brazil in Washington—works to foster understanding of Brazil’s complex reality and to support more consequential relations between Brazilian and US institutions in all sectors. The Brazil Institute plays this role by producing independent research and programs that bridge the gap between scholarship and policy, and by serving as a crossroads for leading policymakers, scholars and private sector representatives who are committed to addressing Brazil’s challenges and opportunities.  Read more

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