In recent years, donors and urban development practitioners have identified the need to strengthen the capacity of local actors in the delivery of services, particularly for the urban poor. Significant effort has been employed in the field of municipal development and fiscal transparency to improve local governance. As we go further into the urban millennium, we need to identify the other budding issues, which have not yet been addressed. The upcoming Urban Think Tank Launch will attempt to address the new agenda urban practitioners and donors need to prioritize.
The main purpose of The Launch is to provide a session for urban practitioners to discuss issues important to the urban agenda. Among the topics for discussion are decentralization, urban-rural linkages and transformation, health, and the links between urbanization and conflict. Discussion leaders include Michael Cohen, The New School, Richard Stren, The University of Toronto, James Garrett, International Food Policy Research Institute, and Sharon Morris, U.S. Agency for International Development.
The event itself will be a closed meeting of approximately 35 participants from a variety of different backgrounds.