Webcast Recap

Offering a European perspective on U.S. foreign policy, Lord Lothian will focus on the global effect of the pivot to the Asia-Pacific region. The discussion will touch upon the implications this may have for the future of the Euro-Atlantic relationship in the context of the volatile state of world affairs.    

Lord Lothian PC QC DL (formerly Rt. Hon Michael Ancram MP) was first elected to Parliament in 1974 and served as a Conservative Member of Parliament until his retirement at the May 2010 General Election. He was subsequently appointed to the House of Lords as a Life Peer.  He has held the posts of Deputy Leader, Shadow Foreign Secretary and Shadow Secretary of State for Defence.  On stepping down from the Front Bench in 2005, he was appointed to the Intelligence and Security Committee, on which he continues to serve. In 1993, he was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Northern Ireland Office, and in January 1994 was appointed Minister of State at the same office. As such, he was responsible for the negotiations leading to the Northern Ireland Peace Process, and was the first British minister to meet with Sinn Fein and the IRA for 25 years.  He continues to study peace processes and the practice of talking to terrorists today, with particular reference to the Middle East peace process.  He maintains a keen interest in international affairs and he is the Chairman of Global Strategy Forum, an independent, non-party political forum, dedicated to the promotion of fresh thinking and active debate on foreign affairs, defence and international security issues, which he founded in May 2006.


  • Michael Lothian

    Member of the House of Lords and former UK Member of Parliament, former Chairman of the UK Conservative Party