Vote from Abroad: The 2018 Mexican Elections | Wilson Center
6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Vote from Abroad: The 2018 Mexican Elections

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More than 12 million Mexicans living abroad will have the opportunity to vote in the 2018 general elections. While Mexicans have been able to vote from abroad since 2005, voter turnout has been dismally low in past elections. In an effort to increase voter turnout, the National Electoral Institute (INE) is issuing voting IDs for Mexicans living abroad through the network of Mexican consulates.

We were pleased to host a discussion on the role of the INE in Mexico's electoral process and how the Mexican vote abroad could impact the outcome of the 2018 Mexican election.  

Welcoming Remarks & Moderator:

Christopher Wilson
Deputy Director, Mexico Institute


Enrique Andrade González
Electoral Counselor, National Electoral Institute 


Andrew Selee
President, Migration Policy Institute (MPI)
Advisory Board Member & Special Advisor, Mexico Institute
Former Executive Vice President, Wilson Center


Please note this event will take place in Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation will not be provided.