Webcast Recap

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Ambassador Robert Hunter
former Ambassador to NATO, Senior Advisor, RAND Corporation

Ambassador Thomas Boyatt
former Ambassador to Colombia and Burkina Faso,
Chair of the American Academy of Diplomacy's Foreign Affairs Budget Project

Robert S. Litwak
Director, International Security Studies, Woodrow Wilson Center
former Director for Nonproliferation, National Security Council
Welcoming Remarks and Moderator

From Grenada through Afghanistan to Iraq, the US has repeatedly entered countries militarily only to find that a successful exit required substantial civilian contributions to state building and development efforts on the ground and in international diplomacy. Each time, the United States had to "reinvent the wheel," and lessons were lost rather than learned. The American Academy of Diplomacy (AAD), the Woodrow Wilson Center's Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity, and the RAND Corporation recently hosted a panel discussion featuring leading diplomats and scholars to present the recommendations of two significant reports focusing on interagency coordination and the need for a more robust diplomatic corps.

The recommendations from these two reports reinforce each other and have immense implications for reconstruction and stabilization efforts, in light of the recent focus on military involvement in Afghanistan. Throughout the discussion