Since 2008 the Wilson Center - Washington Post Fellowship for Latin American Journalists has brought 15 journalists from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela to Washington, D.C. to report on an issue of importance to their home countries concerning hemispheric relations. All of the grantees in the program have described the experience as an exceptional and even life-changing opportunity. Below are some sentiments shared by former fellows about their experience.

“[The most important thing I gained was] a new view of journalism. To step into The Washington Post was like stepping in holy ground. I admired the way journalists behaved, all of them conscious of the importance of their jobs to democracy and to make a better world. It was wonderful for us to see what´s the dynamic in one of the most important newsrooms in the world. It was a marvelous professional and cultural exchange. Besides, we got to learn about the dynamics of the topics we were interested in (the U.S. legal system, in my case) and that will be helpful in my current work (and my colleagues´ work as well) for now on. We learned about the Post’s ethical standards, their research processes, their online/printed convergence… And last, but not least, the cultural exchange with the other fellows...Amazing experience.” -Class of 2009

“It opened my mind. It showed me possibilities I can explore regarding my professional development…which I came to realize with the Wilson Center and as a reporter.” -Class of 2009

“The opportunity of working at the Washington Post´s newsroom, one of the most important papers in America, and the contact with Post´s reporters, especially those from the investigative team, was very enriching. I am sure that I am a better journalist after this experience.” -Class of 2010

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