Introductory Remarks

  • Day 1 Welcome Remarks
  • Day 2 Welcome Remarks


Keynote Remarks

  • Arctic Security
  • DOE’s Arctic Priorities
  • NOAA’s Arctic Portfolio: Part 1
  • Pacific, Atlantic, and Global Views of the Arctic
  • U.S. Coast Guard’s Arctic Perspectives


Environment and Science Research

  • Arctic Environment Scene-Setter
  • Arctic Ocean and the Blue Economy
  • Arctic Science
  • Central Arctic Ocean Fisheries Agreement
  • NOAA’s Arctic Portfolio: Part 2
  • Operational Ice Centers
  • Tracking Changing Arctic Seas for the Benefit of Planning and Operations


Indigenous Voices

  • Perspectives from Arctic Alaska Natives


Infrastructure and Investment

  • Can the United States Facilitate an International Arctic Seaway?
  • High Arctic Research Infrastructure
  • Perspectives from Arctic Alaska Native Regional Corporation CEOs


Geopolitics and Diplomacy

  • China’s Arctic Interests
  • Great Power Competition in the Arctic
  • Iceland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council
  • Japan’s Arctic Interests
  • The Russian Maritime Arctic
  • The State of Arctic Diplomacy


Military Security

  • Arctic Security: The U.S. Military’s Perspective
  • Alaska Operations



  • Operational Views on Arctic Shipping
  • Predicting Maritime Traffic in the U.S. Arctic



  • The Arctic in U.S. National Identity
  • The Generational Contract: Emerging Leaders at the Arctic Institute
  • Remarks by the Founder of the Ice Diminishing Arctic Symposium