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Chinese Civilization, Nationhood, and Destiny
in the Age of Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping’s cultural policies have important implications for U.S.-China relations. The United States and China are not merely strategic competitors; they are engaged in an ideological contest as well. Each wants other nations to espouse values similar to its own in order to shape global standards and institutions and to reduce obstacles to their strategic ambitions. In order to help Americans better understand the cultural strategies of China’s leadership and their implications for bilateral relations and world order, The Kissinger Institute on China and the United States has created Mapping China’s Cultural Genome, a curated collection of Chinese-language materials and English-language analyses pertaining to Chinese culture, values, and soft power under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

Chinese Culture and Values

China's Soft Power Campaign

Scholar and Media Opinions

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Xi’s speeches and statements on Chinese culture and values

Chinese-language material on Xi’s efforts to build soft power

Analysis by scholars and journalists

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