Unhappy anniversary as Mantega skips IDB

Thierry Ogier  - Emerging Markets, 3/27/2014

Paulo Sotero is quoted in this article about Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega and his country’s economic troubles.

Secret Service, or Indescrete Service?

            NTN 224, 3/26/2014

Paulo Sotero discussed Secret Service behavior in the Netherlands on “Club de Prensa.” This video was also posted on Semana.  

Brazil Prepares for the World Cup

Latin Pulse, 3/21/2014

BI Director, Paulo Sotero, was interviewed on Latin Pulse on the 2014 World Cup, explaining that although Brazil will be ready in terms of stadiums and facilities, the positive narrative that could have come from such a large scale sporting event has been lost. 

A Restart of the Stunted Relations with the U.S.

Estado de S. Paulo, 3/19/2014

Paulo Sotero, Director of the Brazil Institute, presents his views on the stunted relations between Brazil and the U.S.in an article published originally in Portuguese for the Estado de S. Paulo