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Media Access to the Wilson Center

The Wilson Center welcomes all interested media to our public events and has staff standing by to support requests for interviews with our staff and scholars. Because of our location in the Ronald Reagan Building, it is critical that all visiting media comply with federal security regulations when requesting access to our building. This is especially important when bringing cameras and other equipment to the Center.

Security guards will not allow you to bring equipment into the building without prior approval. The key to a hassle-free visit to the Center is advance notification and planning. We will assist you every step of the way. Please contact Ryan McKenna (202-691-4217, to begin the process.

Summary and important notes/reminders:

  • All persons entering the Reagan Building must present a government-issued photo ID and go through a security checkpoint.
  • Video recording equipment is not permitted to enter the Building unless it has been cleared by security. In order to ensure that your camera equipment and crews are able to enter the Reagan Building without issue, please contact The Wilson Center so that we can make all necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.
  • If you are bringing video recording or any other equipment to the Wilson Center or have questions about our media policy, please contact Ryan McKenna via email at or by phone at 202-691-4217.
  • Once inside the Center you will be escorted to an appropriate area to conduct your interviews or cover events of interest. We ask that you do not set up cameras in front of exits or stairwells and that you avoid areas being used by working staff. Ryan McKenna will help you secure a room or other appropriate space for filming or reporting purposes.
  • When attending events we ask that media persons remain respectful of the event format and speakers. Video cameras should be set up on tripods in the back of the room and still photographers are not permitted past the third row of seating unless otherwise instructed. Interviews following events can be arranged through Ryan McKenna, or the appropriate staff of guest speakers.
  • We will make every effort to be flexible in meeting your needs, but the key to our being able to do so is your cooperation with the procedures outlined above.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.