"There needs to be more respect between the three nations – starting from the top down..." 

"More than two decades ago, the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico launched a new path..."

"Our Scorecard shows that North America is the most competitive trade grouping in the world..."

"North America is linked by the flow of goods and people that cross our shared borders..."

"When the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) entered into force over..."

"The Joint Declaration by the leaders of the three North American countries..."

"In the economic front, North American leaders are facing, among others, two major  challenges..."

"The future vision should be one in which Canada, Mexico and the United States..."

"Opportunity exists to create jobs in and make economies more vibrant and healthy..."

"The political rhetoric around trade between the United States and Mexico..."

"In Canada, according to BuildForce Canada more than 210,000 skilled trades workers..."

"A seamless North America in which each country thrices in its own right..."

"The strengthening of North America integration can greatly improve the economic..."

"North America the continent has been here for tens of millions of years..."

"In the last few years, political impetus to further integrate North America has lost steam..."

"Regional integration is a way to create wealth in North America..."