The NSA stirs up the ghosts’ of others spies

           New America, 10/03/2013

Paulo Sotero, Director of the Brazil Institute, responds to the following question about the NSA spying leaks: “These reactions didn’t happen in a vacuum. Put your country’s response into historical context. What’s the history of surveillance there?”

Brazil opposition leaders join forces against Rousseff

            Reuters, 10/06/2013

The Director of the Brazil Institute, Paulo Sotero, is quoted in this article about Marina Silva’s decision to join forces with Eduardo Campos’ PSB, stating that “the alliance was widely seen as a "masterstroke" by Campos that effectively turns next year's election upside-down.”

Pomp of state dinners fading even before Brazil canceled over spying

            Lesley Clark - McClatchy DC, 10/07/2013

“Outraged Brazilians were calling on Rousseff to go further, including pulling their ambassador to the U.S.,” said Paulo Sotero in this article about President Dilma Rousseff’s decision to cancel the state visit.

A game changer in Brazil’s 2014 presidential elections

            Paulo Sotero – Huffington Post, 10/11/2013

Paulo Sotero sheds light on Marina Silva’s decision to join and support the Brazilian Socialist Party and how this move will affect the 2014 presidential elections.

The Censorship of the Internet

  , 10/20/2013

Paulo Sotero was invited to appear as a guest to speak with journalist and CNN en Español analyst Andrés Oppenheimer to discuss government internet censorship across the world.  This article is originally published in Spanish.