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Alberto Lara

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Director, Social Development Group

Full Biography

Alberto Lara is a college professor, lawyer, and political scientist with studies in human rights and conflict resolution. He is the co-founder and director of the Social Development Group, whose aim has been to develop initiatives for enhanced dialogue between military forces and civil society, having received support by the Norwegian government for over 17 years. He has been a presidential advisor on human rights issues and involved on negotiations with FARC in 2000, as well as the national director of the Public Defender’s Office, Director of the presidential program to combat impunity for crimes against humanity and war; and has worked as a UNDP consultant for the justice and peace process with the paramilitary groups. Lara has also been the director of the access to justice program for displaced populations in the Norwegian Refugee Council and an advisor to the peace commission of the Colombian Congress. He is also currently the director of the training project for the FFMM and the monitoring and verification mechanism of the ceasefire.