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Ambassador Helen Ågren

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Ambassador for the Ocean, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Full Biography

Helen Ågren is the Ambassador for the Ocean at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Ms. Ågren has been working at the Swedish Government Offices for over 20 years in various positions on issues such as green economy, consumption and production, climate mitigation and adaptation, research, innovation and local investment programs. She has extensive experience working for Sustainable Development through the UN, OECD, EU, Nordic Council of Ministers and at national level. She chaired the Swedish Government's Council for Sustainable Development between 2005-2007 and has held advisory positions to Statistics Sweden on the National Environmental Accounts. She represents the Government in the Supervisory Board of the Blue Action Fund and in global initiatives on ocean and climate-nexus and stakeholder engagement to mobilize solutions and resources for SDG 14.