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Anatolii Fedoruk

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Mayor of Bucha, Ukraine

Full Biography

Mayor Anatolii Fedoruk leads the Bucha city territorial community of the Kyiv region, which unites 14 settlements, and serves as the chairman of the board of the Kyiv regional branch of the Association of Cities of Ukraine. He was born on May 10, 1972. He is a historian by education (1997) and Master of Management (2011). He has been the mayor of Bucha since April 7, 1998. During the leadership of Anatolii Fedoruk, two modern schools were built in the city, a music school, a leisure center for schoolchildren and the All-Ukrainian stratum center were opened, five schools with a total capacity of more than 5,200 students were modernized, four new kindergartens were opened, six modern health care clinics were launched, and Bucha waterworks, a municipal landscape park "Bucha city park" with a total area of 52 hectares has been established.

During the occupation of Bucha by Russian troops in February-March 2022, Anatolii Fedoruk remained in the city. He was forced to hide, but at the same time he organized the evacuation of the population and humanitarian work. Now Bucha is actively rebuilding damaged objects, the VDOMA KRASHCHE restoration program has been approved in the community, which aims to stimulate the return of Bucha residents to their homes.

Fedoruk was awarded the State Order "For Merit" III and II degrees.