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Andrei Korobkov

Former Title VIII Summer Research Scholar


    August 2, 2021 — October 7, 2021

    Professional affiliation

    Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Middle Tennessee State University

    Wilson Center Projects

    The Russian Academic Diaspora Abroad: Attributes and Political Involvement

    Full Biography

    Andrei Korobkov is Professor of Political Science and International Relations and the Russian Studies Minor Director at Middle Tennessee State University. In 2015-18, he also served as MA in International Affairs Graduate Director. He held a part time position at the RAS Institute for Socio-Political Studies in Moscow and is an Invited Researcher at MGIMO-University. He graduated from Moscow State University and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Institute of International Economic and Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Alabama. He has previously worked as Research Fellow at the Institute of International Economic and Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and taught at the University of Alabama.

    Andrei Korobkov authored three monographs and numerous articles and book chapters published in the US, Russia, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Germany, Turkey, Finland, Croatia, Azerbaijan, and other countries. His academic interests include the issues of post-Communist transition, political populism, state- and nation-building, nationalism, globalization and regionalism, BRICS, geopolitics, ethnic conflict, and international migration. He has previously served as the US co-chair of the working group on migration at the US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange and President of the Post-Communist States in International Relations section of the International Studies Association, and currently serves as the section Vice President and Program Chair. 

    Previous Terms

    Kennan Institute Title VIII-Supported Short-Term Research Scholar. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Middle Tennessee State University. Project Title: "Migration Aspects of the Post-Soviet Transition." October 1 - November 1, 2007.