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Annemieke de Jong

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Head of Portfolio Refugee Livelihoods, IKEA Foundation

    Full Biography

    Annemieke runs IKEA Foundation’s refugee portfolio that is driving a strategy aimed at creating evidence on refugee economic self-reliance, which under her guidance has resulted in the Foundation committing to EUR 100 million in refugee programming over 2021-2025, focusing on East Africa.  Annemieke served as a working group level member of the World Economic Forum’s Humanitarian & Resilience Initiative, a core team member for ODI’s Constructive Deconstruction exercise, and a steering group member for the Canada Humanitarian Grand Challenges.  Previously, Annemieke worked with IKEA, and the Dutch Central Bank, and has been with Survival International (NL), Amnesty International and the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (Ghana), and Kritzinger & Co., on migration and commercial law (South Africa).