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Anton Dolin

Former George F. Kennan Fellow


    June 1, 2023 — August 31, 2023

    Professional affiliation

    Film Critic and Chief Editor, Iskusstvo Kino

    Wilson Center Projects

    Propaganda in Contemporary Russian Film

    Full Biography

    Anton Dolin is a Russian film critic. He graduated from the Department of Philology at the Moscow State University. He has worked at the Ekho Moskvy, RSN, Kino FM radio stations and is now an anchor at the Mayak and Vesti FM radio stations. He has written for Afisha and The New Times magazines, as well as Gazeta, Vechernyaya Moskva, Vedomosti, and Moskovskie Novosti newspapers. He has his own film rubric on the popular late-night television show Vecherniy Urgant. Since 2001 he has written for Iskusstvo Kino (The Art of Cinema) and in 2017 became its chief editor. Dolin has authored seven books and received multiple awards from the Russian Guild of Film Scholars and Critics.