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Birgitta Ingemanson

Title VIII Research Scholar


    February 10, 2014 — February 21, 2014

    Professional affiliation

    Marianna Merritt and Donald S. Matteson Distinguished Professor Emerita, Washington State University

    Wilson Center Projects

    "Elucidating Eleanor Pray's Letters, 1914-30"

    Full Biography

    Birgitta Ingemanson is a literary scholar and historian first trained at the Universities of Stockholm and Leningrad, then, for graduate work, at Princeton University. She has taught Russian studies (literature, culture, cinema) for several decades and is now, as a Professor Emerita at Washington State University in Pullman (WA), a “detective” of the letters of Eleanor Lord Pray from and to Vladivostok, 1894-1930. Pray’s correspondence with friends and family was enormous (more than two thousand letters extant in the Vladivostok collection alone), and Ingemanson writes about the life they portray, and the city where it was led.

    Major Publications

    Eleanor Lord Pray, Letters from Vladivostok, 1894-1930, ed. with introductions and notes by Birgitta Ingemanson (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2013). Russian translation by A. A. Sapelkin (Vladivostok: Rubezh, 2008). The Eleanor L. Pray Collection was collected and organized by Patricia D. Silver.

    Birgitta Ingemanson, The Sunny Neighborhood: A Vladivostok Tale, tr. Max Nemtsov (Vladivostok: Rubezh, 2011). In English and Russian.

    Eleanor Lord Pray, The Vladivostok Album, ed. Birgitta Ingemanson, tr. Max Nemtsov (Vladivostok: Rubezh, 2012). In English and Russian.