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Carolina Villadiego

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Center for Judicial Studies in the Americas (CEJA)

Full Biography

Ms. Carolina Villadiego is a Colombian attorney specializing in Public Management and Administrative Institutions. She holds a degree from the Universidad de los Andes de Colombia. Between October, 2001 and September, 2005 Villadiego served as advisory counsel to the Ombudsman’s Office of Colombia and worked in the office of the delegate for children, youth and women’s rights; on the agreement with UNICEF (2001-2002); and with the International Organization for Migration (2003-2005). She has performed research on the situation of youth offenders and victims of the armed conflict in Colombia and specifically on the judicial procedures carried out against these children. She has also worked with judges and other public servants in order to ensure that the rights of children who are victims of the armed conflict are respected during judicial and administrative procedures. She is currently an intern in JSCA’s Research Area and is focusing on civil justice.