Chen Ye is a Ph.D. candidate of International Politics at Nanjing University in China and is a researcher of Center for Asia-Pacific Development Studies. She holds B.A. degrees in World History and Economics from Wuhan University. Then she studied for an M.A. in International Relations at Nanjing University. Chen Ye has research interests in a variety of areas, including theory of international relations, international security, and U.S. foreign policy.

Project Summary

The Soviet-Afghan War from 1979 to 1989 is a pivotal event in the history of cold war. In the context of cold war confrontation, there were competing interests and strategic games in Afghanistan between the U.S. and the Soviet. America regarded the result of the war as the success of its diplomatic policies and the covert actions. The research aims to explore the attitudes and countermeasures of the U.S. after Soviet intervention, discuss the history of mutual use and balance between the United States and other countries involved and track the influence of America’s response to the war on power relations, regional situation and international order.