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Deenaalee Chase-Hodgdon

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Executive Director, On The Land Media

Full Biography

Deenaalee Chase-Hodgdon is from Anvik, Alaska. Deenaalee studied Anthropology and Public Policy at Brown University. She is a creator and host at ‘On The Land Media’, which is currently producing ‘On The Land Podcast’ highlighting Indigenous voices and their relationships to the land. Season 1 ‘Xilegg: Our Arctic Presence’ was released in March 2020, telling the story of the People from the Circumpolar North, tackling difficult discussions about communities and environment, and imagining the future of the Arctic Indigenous Peoples.

Being an active fisherwoman, Deenaalee Chase-Hodgdon advocates the rights of the local fishing community. When employed at Denali National Park, Chase-Hodgdon created two interpretive programs and provided knowledge about Alaskan Indigenous peoples and culture. Deenaalee Chase-Hodgdon is also a volunteer and an advisory board member of the Native Movement and Defend the Sacred, Alaska. Deenaalee acts as an Indigenous Observer at the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee and represents the Arctic Athabaskan Council in the Arctic Council PP Youth network. Between 2019 and 2020 Deenaalee attended the Alaska Just Transition Summit, Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit and Arctic Leaders’ Summit and other events in the Arctic.

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