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Diana Kudaibergenova

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Lecturer, Political Sociology, University of Cambridge

    Full Biography

    Dr. Kudaibergenova is a lecturer in political sociology at the University of Cambridge. She studies different intersections of power relations through realms of political sociology dealing with concepts of state, nationalising regimes, and ideologies. Her publications explore the nexus of power networks, dominant discourses and seek to understand the interplay of decision-making.  Her first book, Rewriting the Nation in Modern Kazakh Literature (Lexington, 2017) deals with the study of nationalism, modernisation, and cultural development in modern Kazakhstan. Her second book Toward Nationalizing Regimes. Conceptualizing Power and Identity in the Post-Soviet Realm focuses on the rise of nationalising regimes in post-Soviet space after 1991 with a prime focus on power struggles among the political and cultural elites in democratic and non-democratic states (Pittsburgh University Press, 2020).