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Du Ling

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Director of Chengdu Shuguang Community Capacity-building Center

Full Biography

Ling DU, Director of Chengdu Shuguang Community Capacity-building Center, began her working career in Sichuan Poverty Alleviation Office after graduating from Sichuan University in 1992. During that period, she received a scholarship from ADB to pursue a master’s degree in development management in AIM, Philippines. She then worked in Sichuan Poverty Alleviation Training Center, and began to organize trainings on participatory approaches to rural poverty reduction for governmental staff members. In 2003, with a group of her colleagues she established a provincial NGO (Chengdu Shuguang Community Capacity-building Center) to work with the government to develop and implement better poverty reduction projects and natural resource management projects in rural poor communities. From 2003 to now, Shuguang has implemented a range of projects, including pilot projects to build government-NGO partnerships for poverty reduction, community-based sustainable natural resource management, community resource governance, linking remote ethnic minority areas to markets, capacity building for grassroots NGOs, participatory post-earthquake disaster reconstruction. At the same time, Shuguang has provided technical support, program consultation, evaluation and other services to many domestic and international development organizations.