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Elio Villasenor

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Director, Citizen’s Initiative for the Promotion of the Culture of Dialogue

    Full Biography

    Elio Arturo Villaseñor Gómez is the current director of Iniciativa Ciudadana para la Promoción de la Cultura del Diálogo.  He was founder and partner of DECA Equipo Pueblo, Civil Association, and has published various articles.  His most recent book is entitled "The Civil Society and Public Interest Actor". He has served as a Political Delegate in Mexico City as well as Counselor to the Federal Electoral Institute. He has been member of the Citizen Counsel for Electoral Reform and Counselor to the High Commissioner for Transparency of Federal Social Programs of the UNDP. Mr. Villaseñor Gómez studied Sociology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.