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Enni Similä

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Project Worker, Saami Council

Full Biography

Enni Similä is from Ivalo, a small village in the Finnish side of Sápmi. She is a bachelor's student at the University of Oulu majoring in Sámi culture and Northern Sámi language. Since 2019, she has been employed at the Saami Council, working at the Interreg project ‘Filling the EU Sápmi knowledge gaps’. Enni Similä also contributed to the organization of the 6th Arctic Leaders Summit and the first Arctic Youth Leaders’ Summit in November 2019 as a member of the Saami Council organizing team. Enni Similä has been part of the Finnish Sámi Youth Organization since 2017, coming the way from the secretary of the organization to its president in 2020.