Most of my publications concern 1. local government in the late modern history ; 2. state administration in the same era. But I happened to deal with different subjects such as administrative communication, the history of legal thought and, lately, the transfer of institutional models. Much of the underlying  research work is comparative, albeit with reference to Europe only.

My research work has also been nurtured through my engagement in consulting for different authorities and in the training of civil servants (specially for local government). From 2003 until 2011 I served as the president of the “Romagnosi Foundation – School of Local Government”.

I have been Humboldt  Stipendiat at the Technische Universität in Berlin and Jemolo Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford. I have belonged to the editorial board of a number of journals in Italy and abroad (e.g. “Public Administration Review”, “Jahrbuchfür Europäische Verwaltungsgeschichte”).  I have chaired the Working Group on Administrative History of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences in Brussels and served for a two years term in the executive committee of the International Social Science Council.

From November 2005 to October 2011 I have served as the dean of the Political Sciences Faculty of the University of Pavia.


Laurea in Political Science; Catholic University, Milano (Italy) 


Italian, English, German, French

Project Summary

My  research will analyse the institutional arrangements that along the 20th century presided over the production and distribution of human food, taking care of its safety. The role played by public actors and their policies will provide the perspective for the research. Other actors such as professional associations, private corporations, and the public opinion will be considered in as much as they cooperated or conflicted with public authorities. An approach in terms of governance will be developed, since the public actors involved were located at different territorial levels (local, national, supranational etc.) and interaction with non public actors proved often crucial. Five countries will be considered for comparison: Germany, Italy, USA and, with a lesser in depth approach, France and the United Kingdom. The time span covered, the 20th century, is a period of momentous changes both for the food industry and for the structure and the activity of public authorities in this as in many other fields. 

Major Publications

• The governance of emigration in Italy (1861-2001) in P. Arnold (ed.) National Approaches to the Administration of International Migrations, Amsterdam, IOS, 2010
• RäpresentativeRegierung und führendeBeamte (19.-20.Jahrhundert), Governo rappresentativo e dirigenze amministrative (secoli XIX-XX) /Representative Government and High Civil Servants (19th and 20th Centuries)/ (co-edited with G. Manca) Berlin, Duncker&Humblot, Bologna il Mulino, 2007
• Administrative Traditions in Western Europe, in G. Peters, J. Pierre (ed.), Handbook of Public Administration, London, Sage, 2003
• L’administration et la gestion de la crise: le cas de la guerre (edited), Bruxelles, IISA, 2000
• Comuni e nuove tecnologie tra ‘800 e ‘900/ Communes and New Technologies between the 19th and the 20th Centuries/ (edited), Bologna, il Mulino, 1999
• Il governo delle città prussiane tra ‘800 e ’900 /The Government of PrussianCities between the 19th and the 20th Centuries/, Milano, Giuffré, 1989