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Frédéric Samama

    Professional affiliation

    Head of Responsible Investment, Amundi

    Full Biography

    Frédéric Samama is Head of Responsible Investment at Amundi. He is the founder of the SWF Research Initiative, co-editor of a book on long-term investing alongside Nobel Prize Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Professor Patrick Bolton, and has published numerous papers on green finance. Formerly, he oversaw Corporate Equity Derivatives within Crédit Agricole Corporate Investment Banking in New York and Paris. During his tenure, he developed and implemented the first international leveraged employee share purchase program, a system now widely used among French companies. He has advised the French government in different areas, including employee investing mechanisms, market regulation, and climate finance, and has a long track record of innovation at the crossroads of finance and government policy. In recent years, he has focused on climate change with a mix of financial innovation, research and policymaking recommendations, advising central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and policymakers.