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Gerardo Rodríguez Regordosa

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Undersecretary of Mexico’s Ministry of Finance and Public Credit

Full Biography

Gerardo Rodríguez has held various positions in areas related to public debt issuance, risk management and the development of financial markets. He is currently the Deputy Minister of Finance, having been appointed by President Felipe Calderón and ratified by Congress in January 2011.

In this position, his primary roles are the organization, coordination and implementation of the strategy for public debt, the design and execution of the development banking policy, ensuring the stability of public finances, the supervision of the financial system, the evolution and operation of the retirement savings system, the infrastructure investment policy and Mexico’s participation on international forums and organizations. In the Ministry of Finance he has occupied the position of Deputy Director General of Internal Credit, where he was responsible for the Federal Government financing in the local market as well as the promotion and development of the long term public debt market in local currency.

He also worked as Head of the Public Credit Unit, where he was in charge of contracting and executing the financial operations of the Federal Government in international and local markets. Furthermore, he was in charge of authorizing financing for public entities and other activities related with the development of national infrastructure projects. Gerardo Rodríguez earned a B.A. in Economics from the Americas University of Puebla (UDLAP) and a Masters in Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford University.