Haley Van Dyck works for the US Chief Information Officer where her policy portfolio covers open data, online and mobile technologies.  She is the lead for the Digital Government Strategy, an directive issued by President Obama aimed at delivering better digital services to the American people.

Van Dyck has worked at the intersection of government, technology, and online engagement in many capacities.  As USAID's Director for Digital Strategy & Engagement she launched the agency's first public engagement campaign, the FWD Campaign, focused on raising awareness of the Famine, War, and Drought devastating the Horn of Africa.  She also served as the Director of Citizen Engagement on the first new media department at the Federal Communications Commission, hailed by the Washington Post as "the most forward of the Obama Administration agencies to grasp Web 2.0."  Van Dyck was a member of the Presidential Transition Team working with the Technological Innovation and Government Reform policy group.  During the 2008 presidential election, she worked on the new media team of the Obama for America capaign within their Chicago headquarters.