Dr. Kaba received his PhD in 1997 with a doctoral thesis "UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) in Albania 1944-1947." His more recent publications include articles on "The Repatriation of the War. Prisoners and Deported Persons, 1945-1947," "The Creation of the Albanian Military Liaison and its disagreements with Albania's government," and "The Home Market in Albania 1944-1948." In addition to his position of researcher he also occasionally lectures on both history and international relations at Tirana University.Dr. Kaba has been awarded several opportunities abroad. In 1999 he took a qualification course at Central European University (CEU) Budapest; in 1999-2000 he participated in a qualification course at the University of Athens, Athens; and in the summer of 2001 was selected by the International Summer School at Oslo University to participate in a Peace Research course.While at CWIHP, Dr. Kaba will focus on American-Albanian relations from 1945-46 and on U.S. policy toward Albania during several other periods in the second half of the 20th century. He will conduct his research in the National Archives and the Library of Congress, with the goal of writing a monograph on the Cold War for Albanian audiences and preparing several articles for publication in international journals. Dr. Kaba is a member of the Cold War Group Albania, a NGO established in 1999 with support form the Cold War International History Project.


Albania,Cold War History,U.S.-Albania Relations


Albania, World War II, Cold War