Hank Savitch is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Virginia Tech’s Metropolitan Institute and Brown and Williamson Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, University of Louisville. Professor Savitch also served as co-editor at the Journal of Urban Affairs and as President of the Urban Politics Section of the American Political Science Association. Professor Savitch has published thirteen books and edited volumes on various aspects of urban development, public policy and regional governance. His co authored volume, Cities in the International Marketplace (Princeton University Press), received the best book award in the urban field by the American Political Science Association. His most recent publications include a multi-authored volume, Struggling Giants: City-Region Governance in London, New York, Paris and Tokyo (University of Minnesota Press). His more than 100 articles have appeared in leading journals, books and op ed columns.

Project Summary

This study analyzes and assesses the effects of flooding due to weather events on the New Jersey Shore. While the Jersey Shore region has always been vulnerable to storms and sea surges, we focus on the most recent extreme event known as Hurricane Sandy, which occurred in the fall of 2012. In order to evaluate rapid response to weather emergencies, we review subsequent incidents and examine whether localities have managed to improve upon the time and quality of emergency services. This enables us to examine the question of how quickly “institutional learning” takes place and whether experience with one disaster enables public officials to better cope with subsequent threats. Another aspect of this question concerns how regions, cities and communities change their collective behavior in the wake of naturally borne crises.

Major Publications

  • Publication One2002. Cities in the International Marketplace: The Political Economy of Urban Development in North America and Western Europe (Princeton University Press) with Paul Kantor.
  • Publication Two2008. Cities in a Time of Terror: Space, Territory and Local Resilience (M.E Sharpe, 2008)
  • Publication Three2014. “Chinese Cities in a Globalizing Context” in CITIES 41 B with Lin Ye and Jill Simone Gross (December)