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Heidar Gudjonsson

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Chairman, Arctic Economic Council

    Full Biography

    Heidar Gudjonsson serves as the Arctic Economic Council’s Chairman during the Icelandic business community’s chairmanship (2019-2021).

    Mr. Gudjonsson is the CEO of Sýn hf. (Vodafone), vice-chairman of HS Utility and chairman of the first infrastructure investment fund in the Arctic, Innviðir fjárfestingar slhf. (2015). Gudjonsson has been working in business in the Arctic for the last 20 years. After finishing his economic studies at the University of Iceland business led him to work in New York, London and Zurich, for close to two decades, but always with one foot firmly set in Iceland. Gudjonsson has built hydropower plants in the area, invested in infrastructure through electricity and water utilities and founded a Norwegian Icelandic oil exploration company. He is the Chairman of the Icelandic Arctic Chamber of Commerce, is on the Advisory Board of the Arctic Circle and author of the “Arctic Push” (2013), a bestseller in Iceland.