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Jannelle Trowbridge

Guest Speaker

Professional affiliation

Arctic Youth Ambassador Alumni  

Full Biography

Jannelle Trowbridge (she/they) was born in Grand Rapids Michigan but soon her parents and younger sibling found themselves sailing through the Northwest Passage on their 30ft (9.1m) wooden sailboat. This is where Jannelle first began to build her relationship with the Arctic. Jannelle graduated from Nome Beltz high school and became a sufficient dog-team musher in Nome, Alaska. Jannelle went to the University of Alaska Anchorage where they earned their Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a communication minor. She did some undergraduate research looking at microplastics in seabirds as well as some federal agency internships. Jannelle was able to earn her degree with the support of the Alaska Native Science and Engineering program (ANSEP). She was also able to participate in the Arctic Youth Ambassador program, and soon began the to understand the importance of environmental security at the core of community wellness. Jannelle is now developing their career as a wildlife biologist but is keeping an open mind as she develops her skills. Jannelle knows biology is interdisciplinary and interconnected with most things. Jannelle wants to help empower the vital relationships between communities, Indigenous knowledge holders, and science agencies, so that equitable co-production of knowledge can truly be facilitated for sustainable ecosystem management.