Zhang Jianwei is a Ph.D Candidate in East China Normal University. His acdemic interests mainly focus on Cold War International History, US-Japan Relations. Now his project is titled with so-called  FonOff Confidential Cables Leakage Incident.

Project Summary

There are quite a few secret treaties between US and Japan during the Cold War Era. One of them is called Summation of Disscusion signed on June 12th, 1971,

during the Okinawa Reversion Negotiation. It ia related to the Okinawans claim for the Miltary Land Restoration Cost.As Okinawans'claim was declined by the

US Authority, Japan and US reached a secret agreement called Summation of Disscusion for solving this problem. In fact, Japanese government offer US a 4

million dollars Trust Fund for paying the claim.In other words, Japan undertook this share of money which US should undertake and avoided being known by its nationals.However, the content of US-Japan negotiation was divulged by a reporter and a FonOff official, which was also called FonOff Confidential Cables Leakage Incident.