Yan Jin is a PhD candidate in East China Normal University. She majored in the Cold War International History, and her research covers the relationship between the United States and UNESCO in cold war era and the US policy toward South Korea in the 1970s. Yan Jin has assisted the ECNU to translate many English archives on China-North Korea relationship into Chinese, and her present study is focus on Carter Administration policy toward South Korea.

Project Summary

This study aims to analyze the Carter Administration’s policy-making and policy-implementation towards South Korea while answering the following controversial questions: What are the aims and influencing factors in Carter’s Korean policy? What is the relationship between the Carter administration and Congress in US-Korean policy decisions? How to evaluate the Carter administration's Korea policy? Compared to another two realist administrations in the 1970s, whether there are some particularities in Carter’s Korean policy? How did Carter's policy impact South Korea? Are there some links between Carter’s Korea policy and the normalization of Sino-US relations? How did China and the DPRK respond to Carter’s policy? What was the impact on the Korean Peninsula and Cold War structure in Asia?