Jocelyne Cesari is currently the Minerva Chair, affiliated at the National Defense University to conduct a research on Islam and Democratization in the context of the Arab Spring. She is an Associate at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and teaches at the Harvard Divinity School and Government Department. Cesari is a French political scientist, tenured at the French National Center for Scientific Research in Paris and specializing in contemporary Islamic societies, globalization and democratization. At Harvard, she is director of the International Research Program called “Islam in the West” (http:/ The Islam in the West Program is also affiliated with the School of Advanced International Studies at John Hopkins and Georgetown University. She has written numerous articles and books on Islam, globalization, democratization and secularism, including: Muslims in the West After 9/11: Religion, Politics and Law. Her forthcoming book is titled Islam Betrayed? The Making of Modern Islam and World Politics.