Project Summary

During his tenure at the Center, John  Bryson led the Bryson Climate Initiative (BCI), an initiative focused on finding ways to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change over the next decade and is currently prioritized on three countries: the United States, India and China.

BCI believes one potential solution to the climate change challenge will come from increased research and development and enhanced commercialization of cutting edge renewable energy technologies (particularly solar fuels) which will be underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of the policies and procedures that support this goal. Put another way, BCI believes that technology development is one of the most important solutions to solving the climate change problem. Simultaneously, there needs to be a respected public voice and platform to engage members of the private sector community and to persuade them of the importance of assuming a reasonable risk to help bring these potentially game-changing technologies to the pilot and commercial demonstration stages.

Secretary Bryson and his team worked with the premier scientists and researchers from around the world and with accomplished business leaders who could play critically important leadership roles and make major financial investments in challenging the adverse effects of climate change. They also engaged with the policy communities in Washington, DC and other global capitals to spark discussion and stimulate debate while endeavoring to make a radical impact on one of the greatest challenges to humanity.