John Wright is Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Ipsos Public Opinion Polling and its monthly international Global @dvisor poll of 24 countries. Ipsos is a wholly owned, publicly traded market and public opinion research company with approximately $2.5 Billion in annual sales. A member of the Ipsos Global Public Affairs division and Executive team, he has been the lead Canadian media spokesperson since joining the company in 1989 and now is the architect of global media relationships for Ipsos. For the decade before joining the company he was Vice President in advertising and public relations and served in both the corporate and government relations sectors. In all, he's worked for almost 30 years on public affairs assignments for clients of every dimension. He also hosted his own public affairs radio show for 15 years and co-anchored a TV show on the Canadian Business News Network (BNN). He’s also co-authored three national best-selling books with colleague Darrell Bricker: "What Canadians Think About Almost Everything" (2005), "We Know What You’re Thinking" (2009) and “Canuckology” (2010).