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Julie Kitka

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    President, Alaska Federation of Natives

    Full Biography

    Julie E. Kitka serves as the President of the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN), Alaska’s largest statewide Native organization.  AFN is a force for stability and harmony in Alaska and has worked for decades to resolve problems and build a brighter future for Alaska Natives.

    As President, Julie has successfully worked to enhance and promote the cultural, economic and political voice of the Alaska Native community. 

     Moving beyond self-defeating strategies, dependency, or mere survival, she seeks to inspire and empower Alaska Native people to seek true self-determination and thrive.  With a laser focus on ensuring those most affected have a seat at the table, allowed to share their insights and knowledge, and working to ensure governments use the full weight of their authority and resources to respond. 

    She is a strong proponent of public-private partnerships, and building knowledge-based economies.  As President, Julie works with tribes, regional tribal consortiums, ANCSA Native corporations and others, to change unfair or inadequate laws. Her proudest accomplishments include the expansion of the Native health system with a huge network of new village health clinics and hospitals through resources provided by the Congress through the Denali Commission and directly to the Native health system; and continued work to ensure that the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act’s promises for sustainable economies is a reality.

    On the international front, Julie has partnered with world-renowned Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto to share insights from Alaska’s experience in property-rights particularly in the conflict ridden Amazon region; participated in Arctic leaders forums in Copenhagen; keynoted an Indigenous Women’s Forum in Tromso, Norway; provided insights to Canadian Indigenous land settlement negotiations; and ensured Alaska participation in the Arctic security related forums.